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Relevant Release: Crone Chronicles 20-20

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

For more information, see the Crone Chronicles website. Their press release is reproduced here:

Crone Chronicles 20-20 now available!

A Cross-Genre Collection of Short Stories, Essays, Poems, and Songs by Female Elder Storytellers

In this ground-breaking collection, 57 women from a broad demographic and geographic section of Crones ages 52 and older offer more than 80 intimate stories, essays, poems, and songs about their life-defining experiences, events, or awakenings that have helped inform and shape them into the female elders they are today.

Ordering: Print and digital versions of the book may be ordered directly from the publisher at

Cost for print books: $19.99 plus USPS postage; $7.99 for an eBook.

Contact for questions, suggestions, and promotional discounts on multiple book orders or holding a release party.

First release parties will start on the East Coast: Marietta/Atlanta, GA 18 Sept; Gainesville, FL 27 Sept; Lakeland, FL 2 Oct. Stay tuned for news of more readings to follow across the USA.

This no-holds-barred collection includes, for example: Living the Dream. And Then, What?; When the Universe Says Move; Vanity, Thy Name is Me; To Crone or Not to Crone; The Gift of Starting Over; A Pilot at Last; Still Activist After All These Years; Stripes of Living; Eating Apples at Seventy; Finding Purpose in Tragedy; Me and My Crones; and Hawk. Some contributors found their path early and others later. Some resist aging at 80. All are still learning. Still searching. Imagine, 372 pages of illuminating language guaranteed to shift perceptions!

Bio: Debra L. Gish, managing editor and publisher of Crone Chronicles 20-20, has dedicated her life to proving and promoting women's worth. Debra works as an international development practitioner, learning coach, and peace mediator engaged in issues related to women’s, elders’, and indigenous rights; always taking a hard stand on transformative justice, disaster relief, child workers, immigration reform, human trafficking, and gender-based violence. She is the author of Displaced, A Perilous True Story of an Expatriate Working to Right Wrongs from the Past (Steuben Press, April 2017). A poet and proud Crone herself, Ms. Gish is dedicated to improving the image, positioning, and experience of Crones* around the globe. Crone Chronicles 20-20, in production for nearly two years, is her baby she is now delighted to introduce to the world.

*The Crone is an archetypal figure, along with the maiden and the mother. According to, women enter Cronehood around age 50, the stage when many women experience menopause. An ancient meaning of Crone is "A woman who is venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom." Crone Chronicles 20-20 seeks to reinstate her sacred status.

Image: The cover of Crone Chronicles 20-20.

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