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The following back issues of Femspec are available for purchase as whole issues or individual articles. If you would instead like to subscribe to receive this year's issues, please choose a subscription option here.

Full print issues are $45.00. Full PDF issues are $45.00, and individual PDF articles are $20.00.

PDFs will be sent to the email address you provide through PayPal. Physical copies will be sent by mail to the specified shipping address. If you have any specific requests for your order, please contact

This page is currently under construction and will be continuously updated as we continue to digitize our collection and offer additional titles for sale. If you are seeking a specific article and cannot find it here, please contact us directly. Thank you for your patience!




A Little Light Shed on: Into Darkness Peering | Janice Bogstad

Imagine a Fish | Darko Suvin

Juneteenth | Christina Springer

Margins Made Visible | Earl Pike

Sex Role Reversals in Star Trek's Planets of
Women as Indices of Second Wave Media Protest
| Batya Weinbaum

The Surrealist Cosmovision of Bridget Tichenor | Gloria Orenstein

Transcending Gender: Challenging the Binary Divide at the Third International

Congress on Sex and Gender | Mary Fambrough

WisCon 22 and the (Not So) Secret Feminist Cabal | William Clemente


Beast | Ruth Knafo Setton

Made in Canada | Nancy Johnston

No Place, the Good Place, a New Place | Sylvia Kelso

Reception of Fairy Tale Motifs in Texts by
Twentieth-Century German Women Writers 
| Barbara Mabee

Revelation 24:12 | Linda Eisenstein

Surrealist Women | Gloria Orenstein

The First FEMSPEC Salon: NWSA Albuquerque | Batya Weinbaum

Two Reviews | Liisa Hake

Women Alone, Men Alone: Single-Sex Utopias | Brian Attebery

Writer's Respite at Wiscon '99 | Phoebe Wray


Coyote Wants a Baby and Father Coyote | Stephanie Sellers


"All That You Touch You Change": Utopian Desire
and the Concept of Change in Octavia Butler's
Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents 
| Partricia Melzer

Journey through Mlle. De Scudery’s Carte de Tendre | Gloria Orenstein


Bluestockings Beware: Cultural Backlash and the
Reconfiguration of the Witch in Popular
Nineteenth-Century Literature
| Linda Holland Toll

Cartesian Nuts: Rewriting the Platonic Androgyne
in Angela Carter’s Japanese Surrealism 
| Scott A. Dimovitz

Crone's Revenge | Carole Spearin McCauley

Gender Issues in The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction | Beverly Bow

Orion | Kathie Austin

Phenomenal Women: The Shape-Shifter
Archetype in Postcolonial Magical Realist Fiction 
| Megan Musgrave

Quiescent | Sharon King

Review of Having a Good Cry: Effeminate
Feelings and Pop-Culture Forms 
| Erin A. Smith

Review of Slayage: The On-line International
Journal of Buffy Studies 
| Tonya Cochran

Review of The Song of the Goddess | Lynne Reed

Space Opera: Melodrama, Feminism And The Women Of Farscape | Carlen LaVigne

Taking Out the Trash: Octavia E. Butler’s Wild
Seed and the Feminist Voice in American SF 
| Andrew Deman


Derailed But Not Defeated | Helen M. Bannon

Growing Thick Skin: One Consequence of Discrimination | Tina Andres

Memoir and Non-Fiction Narrative: Growing Thick Skin | Tina Andres

New Blood | Gina Wisker

Professor/Mother: The Uneasy Partnership | Ruth Panofsky

Memoirs of an Academic Career | Batya Weinbaum

What to Do When You Are Stuck at Toxic U:
Strategies for Avoidance, Salvage, and Survival 
| Linda Holland Toll


Everlasting Love | Gina Wisker

Remembered if Outlived | Grace Sikorski

The Tide Projectile Transportation Co. | Will H. Gray

O'Keeffe | Robert Van Der Orsten

O'Keeffe: The Cliff Chimneys | Robert Van Der Orsten

Vibing with Holly: examining the transformative power of the speculative

and utopian lyrics of We Came to Sing! by Holly Near with

emma's revolution | Batya Weinbaum

Review of Beauty Has Her Way... | Maia Butler

Review of Heretical Hellenism | Marie Hendry

Review of Frankly, My Dear | Jennifer Page

Review of Best Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction | Winter Elliott

Finding Meaning in Personal Ceremony; a Book for its Time | Suzanne Zahrt Murphy

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