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Out soon!: Spring Issue 24.1

See the table of contents for Issue 24.1:

Introduction                                                      10-11

Creative Contributions

Kendall Turner – Golem Girl 12-21

Steven Townsend Briggs – Neolution 22-49

Rachael Grad – On Stuffed Animals and Sentience 50-80

Q&A with Kendall Turner                                     80-86

Astro Speculations, by Merry Byrd 87-96

Event Coverage

Batya Weinbaum – Florida Roundup 97-100

Books and Media Reviewed

Nolan Boyd – The Wheel of Time, season two, by Rafe Judkins 101--107

Merry Byrd – Old Babes in the Wood, by Margaret Atwood, and Death Valley, by Melissa Broder 108-112

Gary McDonald Ecofeminist Science Fiction, by Douglas A. Vakoch 113-118

Sara Tabuyo-Santaclara – I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself, by Marisa Crane 119-122

Sara Tabuyo-Santaclara – Severance, season one, by Dan Erickson 123-127

Xiana Vázquez-Bouzó – The Last of Us, season one, by Neil Druckmann 128-131

Books and Media Received 132-136

About the Contributors 137-140

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