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 Femspec seeks to fill the following volunteer positions. We also seek peer reviewers and blog posters. Email us at fmi if interested. All positions provide professional development leading to career advancement, and attendance at weekly zoom meeting to onboard is requested. Time commitment varies with position and where we are in the production cycle.  We also request that all participants subscribe. 

Current opportunities:

  • Smashwords Project Manager

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Peer Review Coordinator

  • Creative Editors

  • Advertising Manager

  • Grants Writer

  • Fundraiser

  • Book and Media Review Editor

  • Blog Solicitor


There are many opportunities to work on the journal along with our team of scholars, professionals, activists, writers, and other students. We can develop a program suited to fit your interests and lifestyle. To apply, please send an email to Professor Batya Weinbaum with your name, contact information and a letter detailing your goals, experience, skills and what you would like to do at Femspec. Following your application letter we will set up a time to do an interview with you via Skype. 

This internship is on a purely volunteer basis and as such you will not be compensated monetarily but instead with skills and experience that will last a lifetime. We require a $300 payment made through the gofundme donation link at the bottom of the homepage upon acceptance into the program.  We also require that you subscribe to Femspec for the entire time you are interning with us. 

If you would like more information on what an internship is like at Femspec, please read the following from several of our past interns. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Internship Syllabus

Reflective Essay by Jeff Vlasek, former intern

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