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Relevant Release: "The Conquest of Gola" and Other Stories by Leslie F. Stone

The press release by OmniScriptum Publishing is reproduced below.

The First and Only Collection of the Short Stories of the Controversial Leslie F. Stone,

American Science Fiction Female Writer of the Gernsback Years

This book is a selection in chronological order of Leslie F. Stone’s stories relevant to the themes of gender and diversity plus a transcript of a speech of this pioneer of American science fiction writer made at Baltcon in 1974 when looking back at her career. As explained in introductions to the book and to the stories, these documents are relevant to current literary discussions as well as to questions of race, feminism, war and fascism in the 1930s.

Scholar Batya Weinbaum, a founder and editor of the feminist sf journal Femspec, assembled the collection with the hope of renewing the seriousness with which the writing can be taken as a reflection of the literature and culture created in the space between the two world wars. The intention of the book was to be useful in teaching feminism in unlikely places, like in the early days of a genre once thought to be the domain of men.

How the stories were used in teaching College Writing are explained, as well as the author’s use of the genre of speculative fiction to explore Jewish assimilated identity.

The editor, Dr. Batya Weinbaum, received her doctorate in English at University of Massachusetts at Amherst and currently teaches at American Public University. She will begin working in the fall at Kent State. She is available for interviews about the project at

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