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Jane the Virgin: Mediating Family through Technology

Dr. Batya Weinbaum, the editor of the FemSpec journal, has written Jane the Virgin: Mediating Family through Technology. The series, Jane the Virgin, attracted slightly under two million viewers a week when initially aired. The show follows the lives of three generations of Latinas, allowing for multiple points of identification with women as subject controlling the gaze, perspective, and point of view.

Dr. Wienbaum states, "It is very suitable for classes, and grew out of online teaching. A very short book, more like a monograph, I aimed it at students needing perhaps an introduction to feminism in popular culture. At the same time, sophisticated original ideas are presented, like how technology becomes a trickster, in more ways than one."

From Amazon, "The volume looks at the tradition of women's film, making a significant contribution to the growing discussion on whether the inclusion of feminist issues in popular culture helps spread awareness of feminism and thus builds feminist consciousness among the general public. Readers will benefit by gaining the ability to trace the origin of feminist devices used in the show."

The book is available on Amazon.

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