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Invitation to making art from divine feminine classes, Fridays in January

Please circulate and invite colleagues, students, friends. Dr. Batya Weinbaum is conducting classes on Fridays in January. The fess is $150 for four sessions (January 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th). The classes will be 9AM to 10 AM, EST.

The first session will be on "African Goddess of the Sea."

Materials required: a notebook 5x8 or larger to sketch, pen, colored pencils, watercolors.

No art experience necessary.

The meetings will be on Zoom, meeting number- 714 874 9636, no password needed.

Your participation helps to keep a radical feminist publication dedicated to literature and the arts alive. For more on the workshops see:

From Dr. Weinbaum:

A special way to give, greet and connect with friends and loved ones in a spiritual way, and to honor your sacred ties with others in symbolic ways. I will give sketching instructions in a technique I learned from a Chilean painter in the 80s. We will explore how the archetype connects with our psyche and then color or paint. Goddesses explored will include Durga, Kali, Ixchel, and Inanna.

Testimonials: "Don't think you can draw? No worries! This class is about feeling it, not getting it 'right". Great information about the Goddesses from a very knowledgeable instructor. When I connected to the divine being of the day, I found attributes that I could use in my everyday life!"

- Reverend Jenni Vinecourt (Church of the Angels, Cleveland)

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