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Skyler Dreams, by Patsi Aguero

Table of contents:

Creative Contributions

Kendall Turner – Golem Girl


Critical Articles

Merry Byrd – Tracing the Devouring I/Eye from Fatherly Fairy Tales & Heroic Myths through Patriarchal History to an Exhausted Present: Re-visioning the World in Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry


Astro Speculations, by Merry Byrd


Event Coverage, by Batya Weinbaum


Books and Media Reviewed

Nolan BoydThe Wheel of Time, season two, by Rafe Judkins

Merry Byrd Old Babes in the Wood, by Margaret Atwood, and Death Valley, by Melissa Broder

Gary McDonald Ecofeminist Science Fiction, by Douglas A. Vakoch

Sara Tabuyo-SantaclaraI Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself, by Marisa Crane

Sara Tabuyo-SantaclaraSeverance, season one, by Dan Erickson

Xiana Vázquez-BouzóThe Last of Us, season one, by Neil Druckmann


Books and Media Received


About the Contributors

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