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Femspec 23.2 coming soon! Look for in the fall issue:

Art by Patsi Aguero

  • "Collaboration and Subsistence: Alix E. Harrow's Once and Future Witches through an Ecofeminist Lens" by Nancy Knowles.

  • "Sites of Resistance: Justice, Healing, and Liberation in Octavia E. Butler’s Fledgling," by Briana Whiteside.

  • Reports of the Museum of Motherhood Conference, the Association for the Study of Women in Mythology Conference, and the Cinema Systers Film Festival, by Batya Weinbaum.

  • Report on the experience of guest-editing a special issue at Femspec, by Miguel Sebastián-Martín.

  • A new CFP for a spring 2024 special issue of Femspec on transgender identity and embodiment.

  • Various reviews of relevant materials, and a list of books and media available for future reviewing.

Remember that Femspec is still looking for creative pieces for this and future issues.

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