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Femspec Vol 18, Issue 2, 2019 

Editor's Corner

BATYA WEINBAUM. "Introduction to the Issue"

Critical Articles


CHRISTOPHER LESLIE. "A Rocket of One’s Own: Scientific Gender Bending by Isabel M. Lewis, Clare Winger Harris, and Leslie F. Stone in the Early U.S. Science Fiction Pulps"


GLORIA ORENSTEIN. "Juanita Guccione: The Journey of her Artistic Evolution Toward a Surrealist Vision of the Otherworld"




ALICIA COLE. "Starr Goode’s Quest for the Sheela"


Book Reviews

MERRY BYRD. "Recipe for a Prequel: a Boy, a Baby, and a Boat. A Review of Philip Pullman’s La Belle Sauvage"


NAOMI MERCER. "Isabelle Allende In the Midst of Winter"

MERRY BYRD. "Apocalypse Maybe, A Review of Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich"

TASHA DOCKERY. "To Kiss What Cannot Be Kissed--Love Songs from the Canyon by Nancy Nethercut"

RACHEL HILL. "The Black Tides of Fortune and The Red Threads of Fortune by JY Yang"

BATYA WEINBAUM. "Sheela na ig The Dark Goddess of Sacred Power by Starr Goode"



Conference and Event Coverage


REBECCA VINCENT. "Scholarly Speculations: Animals, Earth, Person, Story--the Biennial Women and Mythology Conference"

BATYA WEINBAUM. "Attending Womonwrites"

BATYA WEINBAUM. "Association for the Study of Women and Mythology and Matriarchal Studies Day"

BATYA WEINBAUM "'Make Margaret Atwood Fiction Again' What Is This World We're In?"


Notes from the Inside

LAUREN REYNOLDS. "Growing into Feminism"



Tribute to Kate Millett

CATHERINE  MACKINNON. "Note Read by Gloria Steinem Nov 9 Service"

ELEANOR PAM. "Welcome and Personal Reflection Nov 9 Service NY"                      


Remembering Ursula LeGuin

ALICIA COLE. "Dark into Light"

SYLVIA KELSO. "In the Garden: In Memoriam Ursula Le Guin"

DARKO SUVIN. "On the Death of a Writer Friend"


Books and Media Received

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