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Femspec Vol 12, Issue 2, 2012 

Summary: Special Issue on Motherhood.

Guest Editor Introduction





KINITRA D. BROOKS. "Maternal Inheritances: Trinity Formations and Constructing Self Identities in Stigmata and Louisiana" 16

SIMON BACON. "(S)Mothering Reproduction: Procreation, Gender and Control in the Transformers films by Michael Bay. The Feminine Metamorphosis"

KRYN FREEHLING-BURTON. "Lost Mothering: The 'Othering' of Mothers on the TV show Lost"


SUSAN IVERSON. "Academic Mothers: Women on The Edge of Time"



BATYA WEINBAUM. "Interviews at Twin Oaks"

MEGAN WRIGHT. "Editing Mala Ghoshal's Thesis: A Reflection"



AUDREY FESSLER. "Notes on Bloodmothers, Othermothers, and Otherworldly Mothers in Nalo Hopkinson's Skin Folk"

JENNIFER PAGE. "Review of Becky Thompson's Zero is the Whole I Fall into at Night"

BATYA WEINBAUM. "Review of Maternal Pedagogies In and Outside the Classroom", eds. Deborah Lea Byrd and Fiona Joy Green

MEGAN WRIGHT. "Review of Susan Kim's City of Spies"


Books and Media Received


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