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Femspec Vol 11, Issue 2, 2011 

Summary: This issue is dedicated to Jill Johnston: columnist, art critic, and lesbian activist. The theme is Élisabeth Vonarburg, Canadian Science Fiction author. Some articles, including a response from the author, appear in both French and English.

Editorial Remarks


Guest Editor's Introduction

AMY J. RANSOM. "Queen of Memory: Introduction" 9

AMY J. RANSOM. "Bibliography of Élisabeth Vonarburg's Work in English" 26


MILÉNA SANTORO. "From Silence to Memory: An Interview with Élisabeth Vonarburg" 29

MILÉNA SANTORO. "Du silence à la mémoire: Entrentien avec Élisabeth Vonarburg" 49


ANNA L. BEDFORD. "Reluctant Travelers: Vonarburg's Postcolonial Posthuman Voyagers" 68

SHARON TAYLOR. "Sexualects in Vonarburg's In the Mother's Land" 83

SHARON TAYLOR. "Les sexualectes dans Chroniques du Pays des Mères de Vonarburg" 99

Response to Essays

ÉLISABETH VONARBURG. "Afterword/Postface" 115

In Memoriam

MARIJO MOORE. "Paula Gunn Allen: A Great Woman of Words" 121

GLORIA F. ORENSTEIN. "In Memory of the Most Magical Friend I Ever Had: Leonora Carrington" 124

JENNIFER SWIFT-KRAMER. "Joanna Russ: February 22, 1937–April 29, 2011" 130


JONATHAN ALEXANDER. "Review of Hollywood Bohemians: Transgressive Sexuality and the Selling of the Movie Dreamland" 136

SHARON DE GRAW. "Review of Ursula Le Guin's Journey to Post-Feminism by Amy Clarke" 142

ARDYS DELU. "Review of Amazon Ink" 146

MARIE HENDRY. "Review of The Nightmares of Sasha Weitzwoman" 147

LISA ILAN. "Review of A Life in Motion" 148

PHILLIPA KAFKA. "Review of Science Fiction from Quebec: A Postcolonial Study by Amy J. Ransom" 151

AMY J. RANSOM. "A Review of LeeAnne Howe's Miko King: An Indian Baseball Story" 156

DARKO SUVIN. "Review of 80!: Memories and Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin" 158

MARIA I. VELAZQUEZ. "Review of Mars Needs Moms!" 159

BATYA WEINBAUM. "Cleveland International Film Festival" 164

Books and Media Received 168

Femspec Announcements 178

Contributors 188

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