Table of contents — Femspec 18.1 Vol 18, Issue 1, 2017


Editor's Corner
Emily Cox 14
Naomi R. Mercer Utopia as a Process in Jewish Feminist Dystopian Writing 16
Batya Weinbaum Seeking the Divine Mother: The Disappointed Feminist Field Worker in South America, or Should She Be? 43
Alicia Cole Interview with Ana Castilo 79
Creative Work: Poems
Alicia Cole Invisible 88
Batya Weinbaum Who We Were 89
Book and Media Reviews
Cait Coker Carol Anne Douglas 'Lancelot: Her Story' 94
Naomi R. Mercer Naomi Alderman 'The Power' 99
Merry Lynn Byrd Maybe The Answer was Miranda All Along: A Review of Margaret Atwood’s 'Hag Seed' and Jacqueline Carey’s 'Miranda and Caliban' 103
Tucker Pamella Farley Transfixed: A Review of Sharon Leder’s 'The Fix: A Father’s Secrets, A Daughter’s Search' 115
Naomi R. Mercer The Handmaid’s Tale 120
Chaz Kader Don’t Let Anyone Clip Your Wings: Celeste Newbrough’s 'Angel on Polk Street' 126
Conference and Event Coverage
Emily Cox Philip K. Dick and Vast Narrative, Birmingham City University, 22nd April 2017 131
Batya Weinbaum Report on the Second Annual Handmaids’ Gate Gathering. 138
Batya Weinbaum Death at Twin Oaks 143
Batya Weinbaum Dancing with Joe, or How to Get A Graduate Thesis Advisor 148
Books and Media Received 171
Contributors 182