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"Waters of Life: Exploring Mythos, Divinity, Beings and Ecology"

"Waters of Life: Exploring Mythos, Divinity, Beings and Ecology"

International Conference

Association for the Study of Women & Mythology

Crowne Plaza Hotel

May 5-6, 2023

With the onset of global warming, a consciousness is arising of the need for respect, reverence and protection for our water sources. This is a time to look back and around to gather the wisdom of Water Keepers, past and present, around the globe. Our conference explores world myths of water deities, water creatures and water itself in cultural, spiritual, and ecological contexts. The program features honored First Nations elders of the Americas and Indigenous scholars. We include a conversation, "Teachings of Water Spirit" with Canadian Water Protectors, and a keynote "Goddess of the Sea: Ancient and Future Myths" by Hallie Iglehart Austen. Topics for our cross-cultural presentations include midwifery, sacred stories of place and waters, arts and activism, health and healing, and mythic figures and animals. Learn more here and join us in person or online for this enlightening and inspiring program. Contact:

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