English Department Starts New Feminist Journal, FEMSPEC

The Cleveland Stater, 2/3/00

By Jennifer Sipos 

Cleveland State University's English Department offers a way for students to become involved with a feminist perspective as well as a chance to express their feelings with a' one- or two-credit course working on FEMSPEC, a new student publication. 

Christine Borne, an English major with a focus on creative writing and linguistics, said FEMSPEC is a valuable and practical experience. 

Started by Professor Batya Weinbaum last year as an English Department activity, FEMSPEC is a feminist journal published twice annually by Cleveland State students. 

The journal is dedicated to critical and creative works in fantasy, magical realism and other supernatural genres. 

The journal is interested in a feminist perspective as well as ethnic and cultural diversity. 

Previous theme issues include speculative fiction techniques by Native American writers, Octavia Butler, women and surrealism and girls' power figures in contemporary animation. 

Bome said FEMSPEC is practical and interesting because it is related to woman studies and scientific fiction. 

Participation in FEMSPEC involves different skills including editing, writing and the administration of a literary magazine. 

The course requires a time investment of about two hours a week and some office duties. 

"I never had an experience doing anything like this before. My interests lie in two completely unrelated fields," Borne said. "I love academic subjects such as English and I love baking and cooking." 

Borne talked about becoming involved with FEMSPEC this semester. "I would like to be involved again," she said. "It was a really good experience." 

The journal accepts critical/analytical articles, abstracts, creative writing and reviews. The permanent deadlines are April 10 and Sept. 20.