Celebrating Women's History Month: A Tribute to Special Women of Gender

In celebration of Women's History Month, the Bridge is featuring the following review by Carol Zonza of the most recent publication of FEMSPEC, an interdisciplinary feminist journal dedicated to critical and creative works in the realms of science fiction (sf), fantasy, magical realism. surrealism and other supernatural genres. 

     A Tribute to Special Women of Gender through Speculative Means in Literature and Art, Volume 3, Issue 1, explores gender binaries including the woman/nature dualism and the roots of speculative imaginations of the future in the women's movement. Diverse speculative forms examine expression of the exploitation of women as reproducers, the lost powers of women's discovery, and the powers of myth. Dorian Cirrone discusses feminist science fiction dystopias in British Katherine Burdekin'sSwastika Night, Zoe Fairbairn's Benefits, and Suzy Charnas'Walk to the End of the World. Theresa Crater interprets classical British fantasy, Robin Murray examines magical realism. Susan Stratton explores ecofeminist contributions to the feminist speculative genre, and Gina Wisker discusses women's horror. 
     As a creative writer, Martha Marinara's "Ovum" is a disturbing, but relevant, piece of fiction. In the story, men with revolvers appear to take a birthing mother out of her home. This ingenious story has a relation to cloning, but uses memos and diary entries as, experimentation with form and content. 
     The poetry is of special feminist nature. "Orpheus" by Moira McAuliffe focuses on feminist reclamations of old myths. The best of memories, though. is the memory of Katherine Murphy and her poetry "Not Remembering My Childhood," "To a Friend Afraid of Flying," and "For My Mother Dreading Dissection." Her poetry portrays a strong energy and her daughter, Cynthia Feldman Paley, reflects her mother as "a gentle spirit" with a "creative gift." Leonard Trawick, professor of English at CSU, responds in dedication to a true FEMSPEC feminist soul. 
     This issue also includes poetry by Cristian Salazar, historical documents by Clare Winger Harris, artwork by CSU contest winners, Jennifer Jones and Shoshana Tomsberg, and reviews of recent fiction and criticism by Bruce Beatie, Ritch Calvin, Liisa Hake, Phillip Kafka, Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, Emmy Levine, Darlene Pagan, Elizabeth Pandalfo Briggs, Donna Burns Phillips, Annis V. Pratt, Karen Schneider, Gina Wisker, and the editor, Batya Weinbaum.