Femspec's anonymous review process

The editors of Femspec can assist in preparing your submission for publishing in the journal.

  1. The editor reviews first cut in-house, and may make initial requests for revisions before getting the article in shape to send out for anonymous review.
  2. At that stage, the article or manuscript is sent to two reviewers, usually both readers on the Femspec editorial board, who make comments and suggest to accept, request revisions for resubmission, or to reject, without knowing the author.
  3. These comments are returned to the editor who returns them to the author who ultimately decides what work he or she wishes to do to satisfy the requirements of the peer review.
  4. The revision is then returned to the editor, who passes the revision back to one of the original readers, and/or to an additional person who has not been engaged in the process.
  5. Considerations are made towards readership by our interdisciplinary audience, as well as to standards of scholarship and creativity in individual fields.