Institutional Membership

To encourage more institutional involvement with Femspec, we are offering a membership package with several benefits. We believe this will foster networking within academia for those groups interested in the goals of Femspec, increasing the exposure of likeminded programs. This service should make our internships and practicums more available to students.

Terms: Annual (renewed September 1)


  • One subscription for program
  • One complimentary subscription for a student
  • Link on web page
  • Access to subscription base for mailings
  • Reduced hard copy advertising rates in issues
  • Discounts on products (books, back issues) and services
  • Display of program or department materials on tables in exhibit areas by Femspec at conferences such as NWSA and PCA

You may pay online with or without a Paypal account below or send a check to:
Femspec, 1610 Rydalmount Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Institutional Membership:

$250.00 USD