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Alegre, Sara Martin. “‘Other in Me:’ Nancy Collins’s Vampire Heroine, Sonja Blue” (4.1)

Allen, Louise. “Monkey Business: Planet of the Apes and Romantic Excess” (3.2)

Andres, Tina. “Growing Thick Skin” (8.1-2)

Attebery, Brian. “Women Alone, Men Alone” (1.2)

Averbach, Margara. “Technology, ‘Magic&sdquo; and Resistance in Native American Women’s Writin” (2.2)


Bannan, Helen. “Derailed but Not Defeated” (8.1-2)

Baringer, Sandra. “The Terror of the Liminal: Silko’s Almanac and Klein’s Phantasy Paradigm” (2.2)

Barr, Marleen S. “Interview with Janet Asimov” (2.1)

Balay, Anne. “‘They’re Closin’ Up Girl Land: Female Masculinities in Children’s Fantasy” (10.2)

Biressi, Anita. “True Crime, Medicine, and Corporeal Horror” (4.1)

Buckman, Alyson. “‘What Good Is All This to Black People?:’ Octavia Butler's Reconstruction of Corporeality” (4.2)


Calvin, Ritch. “‘This shapeless book’: Reception in Joanna Russ’s The Female Man” (10.2)

Chrisler, Joan C. “Desperately Seeking Succor: How I Managed Without a Mentor” (9.2)

Cirrone, Dorian. “Millenial Mothers: Reproduction, Race, and Ethnicity in Feminist Dystopian Fiction” (3.1)

Clemente, William. “WisCon 22 and the Secret Feminist Cabal” (1.1)

Crater, Theresa. “The Resurrection of Morgan le Fey: Fallen Woman to Triple Goddess” (3.1)

Crosby, Janice. “The Snow Queen and the Goddess in the Machine” (2.1)


Davis, Jane. “The Value of Stupidity: Negative Values in Academia” (8.1-2)

DeGraw, Sharon. “‘The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same’: Gender and Sexuality in Octavia Butler's Oeuvre” (4.2)

Deman, J. Andrew. “‘Taking Out the Trash’: Octavia E. Butler's Wild Seed and the Feminist Voice in American SF” (6.2)

Dimovitz, Scott A. “Cartesian Nuts: Rewriting the Platonic Androgyne in Angela Carter's Japanese Surrealism” (6.2)

Doran, Christine. “Fantasy as History: The Invention of Cixi, Empress of China” (3.2)

Dorozario, R.C. “The Consequences of Disney Anthropomorphism” (7.1)

Drown, Eric M. “Business Girls and Beset Men in Pulp Science Fiction and Science Fiction Fandom” (7.1)

Drushel, Bruce E. “Pandora's Box in Cyberspace: The On-line Alternative Fan Sites of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” (7.2)

Dwyer, Cristy. “Queen Lili’uokalani’s Imprisonment Quilt: Indomitable Spirits in Protest Cloth” (9.2)


Evans, Shari. “‘Not unmarked:’ From Themed Space to a Feminist Ethics of Engagement in Atwood's Oryx and Crake” (10.2)


Fambrough, Mary. “Transcending Gender: Challenging the Binary. Divide at the Third International Congress on Sex and Gender” (1.1)

Ferreira, Aline. “Artificial Wombs and Archaic Tombs: Angela Carter’s The Passion of Eve and the Alien Tetralogy” (4.1)


Gish, Robert. “Voices from Bear Country: Leslie Silko’s Allegories of Creation” (2.2)

Greenbaum, Andrea. “Bio-Technology as Kabbalah: Reconfiguring the Golem Myth
in Alien Resurrection and Species” (4.1)

Govan, Sandra. “The Parable of the Sower as Rendered by Octavia Butler: Lessons for Our Changing Times” (4.2)


Hains, Rebecca C. “The Problematics of Reclaiming the Girlish: The Powerpuff Girls and Girl Power” (5.2)

Harper, Mary Catherine. “Mending the Rationality/Romanticism Divide in the Study of Women’s Science Fiction” (2.1)

Harrison, Janet. “The Muse Unmasked: Eileen Agar’s Objectives Correlatives” (7.1)

Hoefel, Roseanne. “Narrative Choreography toward a New Cosmogony: The Medicine Way in Linda Hogan’s Novel Solar Storms” (2.2)

Holland-Toll, Linda. “What to Do When You are Stuck at Toxic U: Strategies for Avoidance, Sabotage and Survival” (8.1-2)

Hollinger, Veronica. “The Utopia of the Perverse: An Exercise in ‘Transgressive Reinscription’” (2.1)

Hopkinson, Nalo. “Address Given at The College of New Jersey, Department of African American Studies, 30th Anniversary Symposia: Afrofuturism: Womanist Paradigms for the New Millennium” (6.1)


Jacques, Alison. “Lucky Jupiter Meets Your Ruler: Otherworldly Sources of Girl Power in Magazine Horoscopes” (5.2)

Johnston, Nancy. “‘I would have swallowed the kiss’: Reflections on Feminist Speculative Poetry” (2.1);
Made in Canada (1.2)

Jowett, Lorna. “Mute and Beautiful: The Representation of the Female in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire” (4.1)


Kelso, Sylvia. “No Place, the Good Place, a New Place (1.2); Third Person Peculiar: Reading between Acamenic and SF-Community Positions in Feminist SF” (2.1); and “Failing That, Invent: Writing a Feminist Utopia in the 21st Century” (9.1)

Kendall, Kathleen. “Who Are You Afraid Of”: Young Women as Consumers and Producers of Horror Films” (4.1)

Kiefer, Geraldine Wojna. “Overlays, Matrices and Boundaries: A ‘Mixed-Media’ Approach in Pedagogy and Art” (8.1-2)

Kirk, Mary. “Vision of the Possible: Models for Women's Heroic Journey Applied to Madrone's Path in The Fifth Sacred Thing” (7.2)

Kleiner, Elaine and Angela Vlaicu. “Revisioning Woman in America: A Study of Louise Erdrich’s NovelThe Antelope Wife” (2.2)

Kray, Susan. “Refamiliarization: Jewish Women in the Narrative Strategies of ‘Pulp’ Science Fiction Magazine Stories, 1993-2000” (4.2)


Lavigne, Carlen. “Space Opera: Melodrama, Deminism and the Women of Farscape” (6.2)

Levine, Emmy. “Femspec at the Cleveland International Film Festival 2010” (11.1)


Mabee, Barbara. “Reception of Fairy Tale Motifs in Texts by Twentieth-Century German Women Writers” (1.2)

Matchie, Tom. “‘Fighting the Windigo:’ Winona LaDuke’s Peculiar Postcolonial Posture in Last Standing Woman” (2.2)

McAllister, Robin. “Daina Chaviano’s Los Mundos Que Amo: Megalithic Monuments and Extraterrestrial Encounters” (9.2)

McGregory, Jerrilyn. “Nalo Hopkinson's Approach to Speculative Fiction” (6.1)

Melzer, Patricia. “‘All that you touch you change:’ Utopian Desire and the Concept of Change
in Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents” (3.2)

Merril, Judith. “That Only a Mother” (4.2)

Meyer, Sabine. “Passing Perverts, After All: Vampirism, (In)Visibility, and the Horrors of the Normative in
Jewelle Gomez, The Gilda Stories” (4.1)

Mitchlitsch, Gretchen. “Breastfeeding Mother Rescues City: Nalo Hopkinson's Ti-Jeanne as Superhero” (6.1)

Moriel, Liora. “An Introduction, or the Jacket Blurb Comes of Age” (4.2)

Moss, Miriam. “Where I Stand: Wiscon 2009” (10.1)

Murray, Robin. “Terri Windling’s The Good Wife: A Space for Complementary Subjects” (3.1)

Musgrave, Megan. “Phenomenal Women: The Shape-shifter Archetype in Postcolonial Magical Realist Fiction” (6.2)


Newsom, Victoria Anne. “Young Females as Superheroes: Superheroines in the Animated Sailor Moon” (5.2)


Orenstein, Gloria Feman. “The Feminist Cosmovision of Bridget Tichenor” (1.1);
“NWSA 2000-Boston” (2.1);
“The Surrealist Cosmovision of Bridget; Journey through Mlle deScudéry’s Carte de Tendre: A 17th-Century Salon Woman’s Dream/Country of Tenderness” (3.2);
“Vision and Visibility: Contemporary Jewish Women Artists Visualize the Invisible” (4.2);
“When the Imaginary Becomes Real, as Surrealism Said It Would: ‘All the Rest Is Litterature’” (7.2);
and “Gertrude Stein as Mentor” and “Passing the Flame” (8.1-2)

Orr, Delilah. “Bear, Mountain Lion, Deer, and Yellow Woman in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony” (2.2)

Ortman, Pat.  “Don’t Tread on Me: Painting My Way Through” (8.1-2)



Panofsky, Ruth.  “Professor/Mother: The Unhappy Partnership” (8.1-2)

Davis Patterson, Kathy. “Haunting Back: Vampire Subjectivity in The Gilda Stories” (6.1)


Ross, Sharon. “Dangerous Demons: Fan Responses to Girls’ Power, Girls’ Bodies, and Girls’ Beauty in Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (5.2)


Rodriguez Salas, Gerardo. “E.G.E. Bulwer Lytton's Covert Antifeminism in The Coming Race” (6.2)

Sargent, Pamela. “Jewish Enough” (4.2)

Shaw, Debra Bonita. “Sex and the Single Starship Captain: Compulsory Heterosexuality and Star Trek: Voyager” (7.1)

Sheldon, Rebekah.  “Reproductive Futurism and Feminist Rhetoric: Joanna Russ’s We Who Are about To...’ (10.1)

Simmons, Diane. “Maxine Hong Kingston’s Woman Warrior and Shaman: Fighting Women in the New World” (2.1)

Smith, Romayne, “Not ‘Of Woman Born:’ Fairy Tale Mothers for Postmodern Literary Children” (7.2)

Smith, Susan.“‘Neither Normal nor Human’: The Cyborg in C.L. Moore's ‘No Woman Born’” (11.1)

Stone, Leslie F. “Letter of the Twenty-Fourth Century” (1.1); “Out of the Void” (2.1)

Stratton, Susan. “Intersubjectivity and Difference in Feminist Ecotopias” (3.1)

Street, Ella Jo. “The Origin of Tarot” (7.2)

Strong, Melissa J. “The Limits of Newness: Hybridity in Octavia E. Butler's Fledgling” (11.1)

Suvin, Darko. “Must Collectivism Be Against People” (1.1) and “Cloning: On Cognition in the Discourses of SF and Technoscience” (3.2);


Thorpe, Douglas. “Girl Power and the Discourse of Aging: The Example of Ursula K. Le Guin” (5.2)

Holland Toll, Linda. “Bluestockings Beware: Cultural Backlash and the Reconfiguration of the Witch
in Popular Nineteenth-Century Literature”

Tomaszyk, Frances. “Lunatics with Lethal Combat Skills: Dark Doubles, Bacchae, and Soulless Women in Xena: Warrior Princess” (4.1)

Turner, Stephanie S. “What Actually Is: The Insistence of Genre in Octavia Butler'sKindred” (4.2)


Washington, Teresa N. “Power of the Word/Power of the Works; the Signifying African Soul of Africana Women's Literature” (6.1)

Weinbaum, Batya. “Sex Role Reversals in Star Trek’s Planets of Women as Indices of Second Wave”
“Media Protest” (1.1)
“Memoirs of an Academic Career” (8.1-2)
“NWSA FEMSPEC Salon” (1.2)
“NWSA 2000-Boston and SFRA 2000-Cleveland” (2.1)
“Old Lesbians for Change: The 2010 OLOC National Gathering” and “What the Gypsy Woman Probably Didn't Tell the Female Anthropologist: A Critical Response to Judith Okely's Own or Other Culture” (11.1)

Weinbaum, Li. “Returning to the Cleveland Jewish Film Festival: Seven Minutes to Heaven” (11.1)

Thembile West, C . S. “The Competing Demands of Community Survival and Self-Preservation in Octavia Butler's Kindred” (7.2)

Williams, Lynn. “Separatist Fantasies 1690-1997: An Annotated Bibliography” (1.2)

Wisker, Gina. “Women’s Horror as Erotic Transgression” (3.1)
“Honey, I’m Home!: Splintering the Fabrication in Domestic Horror” (4.1)
“Your Buried Ghosts Have A Way of Tripping You Up”: and Revisioning and Mothering in African American and Afro-Caribbean Women's Speculative Horror” (6.1)

Wood, Sarah. “Subversion through Inclusion: Octavia Butler's Interrogations of Religion in Wild Seed and Xenogenesis” (6.1)

Wray, Phoebe. “Writer’s Respite at Wiscon ’99” (1.2)


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Ardinger, Barbara. “Review of Dina Lenkovic” (10.1)

Auger, Emily. “Review of Crafting the Witch”; “Review of Fairy Tales Reimagined”; “Review of Fortune's Lover”;
“Review of Red Planets”; and “Review of An Introduction to Western Esotericism” (10.2)

Barr, Marleen. “Review of Feminist Philosophy and Science Fiction” (9.2)

Barr, Scott. “Review of The Defiant Muse” (4.2)

Beatie, Bruce. “Review of Teaching toward the 24th Century” (3.1)

Betts, Tara. “Review of Brown Girl in the Ring” (5.1)

Bogstad, Janice M. “Review of A Little Light Shed On: Into Darkness Peering” (1.1) and (5.1); “Review of On the Outside Looking In(dian)” (9.1); and “Review of The WisCon Chronicles” (9.2)

Bow, Beverly. “Review of Cambridge Anthology of SF6.2)

Pandalfo Briggs, Elizabeth. “Review of A Ramble through Fantasyland” (3.1); and Review of Scheherazade’s Sisters: Tricksters, Heroines, and Their Stories in World Literature” (5.1)

Brown, James D. “Review of Paprika” (8.1/2)

Burton, Nsenga K. “Review of Female” (4.2)

Calvin, Ritch. “Review of Turning on the Girls” (3.1); “Review of Naomi Mitchison” (8.1/2); “Review of De Secretis Mulierum” (9.2); and “Review of Distances” (10.1)

Carter, Theresa A. L. “Review of Cauldron of Changes: Feminist Spirituality in Fantastic Literature” (5.1)

Casal, Marcus. “Review of The Poet as Cartographer” (2.1)

Charlick, Robert. “Review of Sleeping” (4.2)

Cochran, Tanya. “Review of The On-line International Community of Buffy Studies” (6.2)

Cohen, Debra Rae. “Review of The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction” (4.2)

Cook, “Review of Myth and Ritual in Women's Detective Fiction” (5.1)

Crosby, Janice C. “Review of Feminist Cabalism 101” (5.1)

Curtis, Sheryl. “Review of Canadian Girl Power: Young Women Save the Day, happily-Ever-After Ending Unnecessary” (5.2)

Cummings, Gerardo T. “Review of Biotechnical and Medical Themes in Science Fiction” (5.1); and “Review of Alien Constructions: Science Fiction and Feminist” (Thought by Patricia Melzer) (8.1/2)

Davis, Kathe. “Review of Waiting” (9.1) and (9.2)

Delu, Ardys. “Review of Code Pink Women for Peace fund-raiser”; “Review of Feminists Who Changed America (Edited by Barbara J. Love)”; “Review of Daughters of the Great Star”; “Review of The Red Rose Rages”; and “Review of We, Robots” (8.1/2)
“Review of God Dies by the Nile” (11.1)
“Review of Santora, the Good Daughter” (9.1)
“Review of The Circling Song” (10.2)

Drown, Eric. “Review of ‘Ooooo!,” We Hate Bush”; “Review of Hollywood's New Reagan to George W. Bush” by Ben Dickerson; and “‘Buffy, Who’; Review of Athena's Daughters: Television's New Woman Warriors” (edited by Frances Early and Kathleen Kennedy) (7.2)

Eros, Paul. “Review of A Different Lens: Gender Studies and the Inklings” (5.1)

Fefevre, Camille. “Review of Cherez terniik zvyozdam” (11.1)

Glass von der Osten, Kyra. “Review of Milk” (10.1)

Geary, Joe. “Review of Young Women (and More) in Anime” (5.2)

Gehiere, Bruce. “Review of Spiritual Syncretism, Innovations in the Speculative Realm and Radio Theater” (5.1)

Hake, Liisa. “Review of The Jigsaw Woman” (3.1)

Jenkins, Candice M. “Review of Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism” (6.1)

Kafka, Phillipa. “Review of Don Quixote, the Joads, and Jack Kerouac Move Over: A Chinese American Woman’s Adventures On the Road [of Life]” (2.1);
“Review of Goja” (3.1);
“Review of The Road to Fez” (3.2);
“Review of A Spiritual Life” (4.2);
“Review of Afro-Future Females” (9.1) and (9.2);
“Review of Mothers and Other Monsters” (10.1); and
“Review of Frankenstein” and “Review of Women Writers of the Provincetown Players” (10.2)

Kelley, Brian. “Review of Dreaming the Actual” (4.2)

Laity, K. A. “Review of King Kong Theory”; “Review of Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy”; and “Review of Women and the Divine” (10.2)

Laity, K. A. and Wendy Goldberg. “Review of Japanesse Magic: The Girl-Friendly Films of Hayao Miyazaki” (5.2)

Lassner, Phyllis. “Review of Women's Holocaust Writing” (4.2)

Lehfeldt, Elizabeth A. “Review of Witches of the Atlantic World” (3.1)

Leitch, Gillian. “Review of Daughters of Empire” (10.2)

Levine, Emmy. “Review of Islands of Women and Amazons” (3.1)

Long, Mary Beth. “Review of Growing Up to Be Feminists: Reports on Girl Culture” (5.2)

Lundahl, Audrey. “Review of girls, femnism, and grassroots literacies” (11.1)

Lupoff, Richard A. “Review of Clare Winger Harris and ‘The Fifth Dimension’”(3.1)

Matisons, Michelle Renee. “Review of The Cyber-Genius/Hysterical Mother and the Techno-Virgin/Man's Man:
Thoughts on Cronenberg's eXistenZ
” (5.1)

Michlitsch, Gretchen J. “Review of The Salt Roads” (6.1)

Morgan, Susan. “Skydancers and other Mystiques: Works by Skowmon Hastanan” (11.1)

Morrison, Monique. “Review of Octavia Butler Speaks: A Visit to Cleveland State University” (4.2)

Zahrt Murphy, Suzanne. “Review of Dream Poet: Marijo Moore” (2.2)

Doctress Neutopia, “Review of The Secret”(Film) (8.1/2)

Nicte-Ha, “Review of Dinotopia” (1.2)

Nwankwo, Ifeoma “Review of Brown Girl in the Ring” (4.2)

Orendi, Diana. “Review of Soundless Roar” (4.2)

Orenstein, Gloria. “Review of Surrealist Women” (1.2); and “Review of Chicana Art” (10.1)

Pagan, Darlene. “Review of Behind the Blue Gate”(3.1)

Shannan “Review of From Alien to The Matrix: Reading SF Films” (7.2)

Davis Patterson, Kathy. “Review of Minion: A Vampire Huntress Legend” (6.1)

Burns Phillips, Donna. “Review of Mary Shelley’s Fictions” (3.1)

Pike, Earl. “Review of Margins Made Visible” (1.1)

Vilas Pratt, Annis. “Review of In the Footsteps of the Goddess” (3.1); “Review of Life is a Fatal Disease” (2 2); and “Review of The Golden Book of Springfield” (3.2)

Putnam, Amanda A. “Review of Reading Sacred: Feminists Confronting Futures” (5.2)

Ravin, Lani. “A Bridge across Time: A Review of Brookland” (11.1)
“Review of The Rat Laughs” (9.1)
“Review of Dearest Anne and IsraIsland” (9.2);
“Review of Priestess of Avalon” (10.2)

Reed, Lynne. “Review of The Song of the Goddess” (6.2); and “Review of Becoming the Villanness” (8.1/2)

Reddy, Maureen T. “Review of Books on Motherhood” (11.1)

Roberts, Simone. “Review of Demeter and Persephone: Lessons from a Myth” (6.2)

Saunders, M. “Review of Marwen’s Web: Living on the Loom of the Mother” (5.2)

Schneider, Karen. “Review of On Women of Other Worlds” (2.1); and “Review of White Turtle” (3.1)

Schwartz, Kaila. “Review of Elements of Trickster in the Children’s Books of Louise Erdrich” (2.2)

Shaw, Diona. “Reviews of Communities of the Heart and Chicana Ways” (5.1)

Shine Stewart, Maria. “Review of Failing the Future” (10.2)

Collins Smith, Anne. “The Exploration of Gender in Deep Space and Sacred Time” (1.2)

Smith, Erin. “Review of Women Writing Pulp” (7.1); and “Review of Having a Good Cry: Effeminate Feelings and Pop-Culture Forms” (6.2)

Thorington Springer, Jennifer. “Review of Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction” (6.1)

Sweet, Derek R. “Review of Seers, Witches, and Psychics on Screen” (10.1)

Thomas, Alicia. “Review of The Awakening: A Vampire Huntress Legend” (6.1)

Warlock Vance, G. “Review of Images of Fear: How Horror Stories Helped Shape Modern Culture (1818-1918)” (5.1)

VanBuren, Kelly. “Review of The Cinematic Life of the Gene” (11.1)
“Review of Marshlanders” (11.1)
“When a Woman Leads: A Review of Sasha” (11.1)

Vanderford, Audrey. “Review of The Raw Brunettes” (4.2)

Warne, Vanessa. “Review of Eyes Shining and Feet Kicking” (5.2)

Weinbaum, Batya. “Books in the Baba-Lover Lane” (11.1)
“Reviews of The Bitch is Back” (3.1)
“Encountering Alix Dobkin” (11.1)
“Reviews of Inanna” (3.1)
“Reviewing Films at the Cleveland International Film Festival: The Exhibition, Inside Hana's Suitcase, Queen to Play” (11.1)
“Reviews of From Moon Goddesses to Virgins” (3.1)
“Reviews of The Lieutenant Nun” (3.1)
“Review of Klezmer Music” (4.2)
“Review of Summer with the Ghosts” (5.2)
“Review of Fissures” (8.1/2)
“Reviews of Galilee Eskimos and You, the Living” (9.1)
“Review of Tarot and Other Meditation Decks” (10.2)
“Review of We'Moon 2011” (11.1)

Weinbaum, Li. “Review of Painted Portal” (9.1); and “Reviews of Going Under and The Gay Gene Discovery” (10.1)

Wilkerson, Carmiele “Reviews of Love” (6.1)

Winstead, Antoinette. “Review of Technologized Desire” (10.1)

Wisker, Gina. “Review of Mothering in the African Diaspora” (3.1); “Review of Saddling La Gringa” (3.2);
and  “Review of (Out) Classed Women” (3.2)

Wolpert, Ilana. “Review of Bee4.2)

Fiction and Plays

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Ausin, Kathie. “Orion” (6.2)

Barr, Marleen S. “The Feminist Pathfinder Does Not Probe Mars” (1.1); “Close Encounters of the Monica Kind” (4.2); “Superfeminist Or, A Handmade Carol” (7.1)

Broner, E. M. “De-Winging the Angel” (4.2)

MeKee Charnas, Suzy. “Evil Thoughts” (4.1)

Croyden, Christine. “Interview with a Housework Beast” (2.1)

De Neymet De Giacoman, Monica. “Excerpts from Living Hours” (7.2)

Dickinson. Stephanie. “Grasshopper Woman” (7.1)

Delany, Samuel R. “Excerpts from Trouble on Triton” (1.1)

Douglas, Marcia. “Marie-Ma” (6.1)

Due, Tananarive. “Protection” (3.2)

Eisenstein, Linda. “Revelation 24:12” (1.2)

Fideli, Finisia.  “The Resurrection of Lazarus” (10.1)

Gage, Carolyn. “The Rules of the Playground: A One-Act Play” (5.2)

Gale, Marilyn. “Lilith 1996” (4.2)

Girls’ SF by a 9-year-old, circa 1961. “The Suncomers” (1.1)

Ginway, M. Elizabeth. “Finisia Fideli: Finding the Voice in Brazilian Science Fiction” (10.1)

Guess, Carol. “Love Story with a Living Ghost” (3.2)

Winger Harris, Clare. “Excerpts from The Fifth Dimension” (3.1)

Johnson, Linda. “If the Sun and Moon Should Doubt” (2.1)

King, Sharon. “Quiescent” (6.2)

Lesses, Rebecca. “A Dream Question for the Angels” (3.2)

Marinara, Martha. “Ovum” (3.1)

McAdams, Janet. “Plaza Bocanegra” (2.2)

Semel, Nava.  “Excerpt from IsraIsland”; and “Excerpt from And the Rat Laughs” (10.1)

Spearin McCauley, Carole. “Crone's Revenge” (6.2)

Sussman, Susana. “Khunta” (10.2)

Morris, Abigail. “The Girl with the Metal Hair” (5.2)

Pettigrew, Dawn Karima. “Manna Raptured” (2.2)

Robb, Donna Marie. “Soul Spinner” (4.2)

Russell, Doreen. “Spell” (4.1)

Ibura Salaam, Kiini. “K-USH: The Legend of the Last Wero” (6.1)

Scheef, Debra. “From the Archives” (7.1)

Scott, Justin. “The Truth in Dreams” (5.2)

Sellers, Stephanie. “Coyote Wants a Baby” (2.1); “Father Coyote” (2.2)

Knafo Setton, Ruth. “Beast” (1.2)

Shaw, Andrea. “Jus’ a Pinch of the Yellow Powder” (6.1)

Shaw, Louise. “The Which Bitch? Project” (4.1)

Sommerville, Kristine A. “Runners” (5.2)

Stadler, Cathy. “The Lost Tribe” (3.2)

Stone, Leslie F. “Cosmic Joke” (4.2)
“Men with Wings” (11.1)

Thompson, Aida. “Thanksgiving Day” (7.1)

Weinbaum, Batya. “Sasha's Harlem: Excerpts” (4.2); and “Waiting for Justice: Scene for TV” (8.1-2)

Wisker, Gina. “New Blood” (8.1-2); and “Recruitment” (9.2)

VanBuren, Kelly. “Hired by a Witch” (11.1)


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Alcaly-Gut, Karen. “One of Those Nights” (4.2)

Beiser, Phebe. ;“Encountering Kali,” “Banaras, a First-Timer’s View;” and “Celebrating Holi” (10.1)

Black, Sharon. “Stone Dress” (5.2)

Crump, Helen. “Morning Wake-up Sun” (6.1)

Cruz, Canda. “The Goddess Rag;” “Avatar Blues” (7.1)

Daly, Cathy. “Solo,” “Alone,” “False Apparitions,” “Untitled” (7.1)

DiPrima, Diane. “Creation Story: Northern California” and “Show Me Your Other Body” (9.1)

DeWitt, Jim. “While You're Waiting for the Wind” (7.1)

Giunta, Edvige. “Stories of Sicilian Girls;” and “Dark Play” (5.2)

Grabowski, Rita. “Recessively Blond” (4.2)

Giunta, Edvina. “Night's Whispers” (7.1)

Houston, Shannon Mariana. “Haiku” (4.2)

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“Her August Sleeve: Part 2” (3.2)

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Ginway, Mary. “Interview with Argentine Author Liliana Bodoc” (9,1)

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“Interview with Diana Rivers” (7.1)
“Interview with Nava Semel” (10.1)
“Interview with Sonia Johnson” (11.1)
“Rats, Stones and the Goddess: A Conversation with Sabine Lichtenfels” (9,1)

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“Tillie Lerner Olsen” by Ardys of Berkeley (1912 - 2007) (7.2)

“Grace Paley” by Ardys DeLu (December 11, 1922-August 22, 2007) (8.1-2)

Monica Sjoo by Starhawk (7.1)

“Monique Wittig” by Gloria Orenstein (1935 - 2003) (7.2)